Arbutus Dental Clinic is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of patient care.

Established in '98 and located in the seaside town of Qualicum Beach, Arbutus Dental Clinic's team includes a dentist, five administrative staff, five dental assistants and five dental hygienists. Serving the Oceanside commmunities of Parksville, Qualicum, Bowser, Deep Bay and more.

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We are committed to acknowledging and respecting our patients' individual wants and needs, to providing our patients with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their dental treatment, to providing the highest quality of dentistry and service, by our commitment to personal and professional growth, through lifelong learning.

To our valued patients

March 16, 2020 - Please be advised that Arbutus Dental is closed proactively immediately following the guidelines of the BC Ministry of Health and BC Centre for Disease Control that all non essential healthcare centres close to decrease the chances of spread of the COVID 19 virus.

We will continue to try and update our website, phone message, and print media to provide our patients with the most current relevant information possible about the COVID 19 situation.

If you have a dental emergency please call the office or the Drs. emergency numbers and we will arrange an in-office visit as required.

We at Arbutus Dental feel that this is an appropriate response to the evolving situation and a BEST PRACTICE UNIVERSAL PRECAUTION  to show leadership and trust in our community.

Drs. LaCouvee, Gooch and The Arbutus team

Covid-19 Update

Monday 23rd of March 12:30


This has been a rapidly evolving crisis with new direction coming down from the authorities quite regularly.  As of this afternoon, the BCDA (British Columbian Dental Association) released this update to help guide dentists in treating their patients:

As of right now, BCDA is advising our members to manage emergent and essential (urgent) cases medically over the phone and to avoid seeing any patient in their office unless they have the appropriate PPE, which would include N95 masks which have been properly fit tested. 

-PPE stands for personal protective equipment

-N95 masks are not an item that very many dentists, including us, have 



Monday 23rd of March 9:30AM

We have now completed our entire isolation period following the PDC and no one from the clinic has displayed any signs or symptoms.  Due to the severity of this sickness and the potential for spreading it in a dental office it has been recommended by our college to suspend all non-essential dentistry and only treat emergencies. The following is an excert from a communication from our college:


Emergency dental care is defined as potentially life-threatening conditions requiring immediate management or treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding, alleviate severe pain or infection and include:

  • Cellulitis as a result of an uncontrolled infection compromising the airway
  • Severe uncontrolled hemorrhage (bleeding)
  • Trauma to the orofacial complex especially to facial bones that potentially compromise the patient’s airway
  • Uncontrolled severe pain
  • Uncontrolled infection


Thursday 19th of March 9:30AM

Good morning Arbutus Dental patients. This Covid19 update informs everyone that our staff who attended the Pacific Dental Conference are 13 days post conference with no signs or symptoms of the Covid19 virus.  As per the guidelines laid out on March 16th by the BC Ministry of Health and our provincial public health officer, Dr Bonnie Henry, we continue to self isolate at home.

We will continue to update the community via the webpage

Dr. LaCouvée, Dr.Gooch and the staff at Arbutus Dental
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